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7" IPS 1024x600 Lightweight 3G-SDI HDMI Camera-Top Field Monitor with Peaking,Histogram,False Colors,Zebra Exposure FW768-S/O/P




Screen Size:  7" IPS 
Resolution:   1024x600 pixels
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Brightness:   600cd/m²




SDI, HDMI, Stereo Headphone, Speaker(built-in)

FEELWORLD new release FW-768/S/O/P 7-inch IPS Screen high-resolution monitor, with the main demands of premium, lightweight, clear, full functions. It is with 600cd/m² brightness, 800: 1 high contrast ratio and 1024x600 resolution HD images. FW-768/S/O/P also provides a wide range of single inputs, like HDMI, SDI inputs and outputs terminals to facilitate flexible use for the director. Complete Focus Assist, False-color, Exposure, these warning features provide the photographers to accurate diagnostic tool, to make wonderful film not have defects. The function setting knob and six shortcut keys make the adjustment and settings more quickly.
  • Innovation OSD Operation
    FW-768/S/O/P not only set up six "F key" for peaking focus, False Color, Pixel to pixel and so on, reserves the knob for professional users. Double functions and knob type coding switch are FEELWORLD's exclusive technology feature, which will bring you more convenient and rapid operate feeling.
  • Input and Outputs
    The FW-768/S/O/P features SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs. Since the monitor is all digital you get the purest and cleanest signal directly to the LCD panel.Removing legacy analog inputs and circuits helps keep your image as clean as possible.
  • Foldable Sunshade
    New extended screen hood, acquire ideal visual effect under almost all environments.


1. Wide view angle IPS Screen, High resolution 1024x600, bright, colorful display
2. 3G-SDI, HDMI inputs and loop-through outputs
3. Special Features:
* Peaking Focus Assist (1. Red highlight over parts of the image in focus; 2. Red highlight over parts of the monochrome image in focus)
* Brightness Histogram
* Embedded Audio Monitoring
* False Colors
* Exposure (zebras)
* Check Field (Red, Green, Blue, Mono)
* Camera Mode
* Pixel to Pixel
* Squared Segmentation
* Center Marker
* Safe Marker (80%, 85%, 90%, 93%, 96%, 2.35:1)
* Image Flip (Horizontal, Vertical, Hor&Ver)
* Image Freeze
* Zoom All
* U/D & L/R Zoom
* Custom Color Temperature
4. Monitoring via front panel 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and built-in speaker
6. Power using included 12-volt supply or use standard 4-pin XLR
Peaking Focus Assist
The Peaking Filter is used to aid the camera operator in obtaining the sharpest possible picture. When activated, the internal processor will display a colored highlight on the screen where sharp edges appear. It's shows Red highlight over parts of the monochrome image in focus.
Brightness Histogram
The Brightness Histogram is a quantitative tool to check the picture brightness.The feature shows the distribution of brightness in an image as graph of brightness along the horizontal axis (Left:Dark, Right:Bright) and a stack of the number of pixels at each level of brightness along the vertical axis.
  • Embedded Audio Monitoring
    The Audio Level Meters provide numerical indicators and headroom levels. It can generate accurate audio level displays to prevent errors during monitoring. The audio meter is green, and will turn yellow when exceeds -20dB, and turn red when exceeds -9dB.
False Colors
The False Color filter is used to aid in the setting of camera exposure. As the camera Iris is adjusted, elements of the image will change color based on the luminance or brightness values. This enables proper exposure to be achieved without the use of costly, complicated external test equipment.
Exposure (zebras)
The Exposure is used to assist in exposure adjustment in the mode of Zebra Pattern, it is considered overexposed and displays the moving warning lines onto the over exposed areas.
Check Field
Check Field is an assistant function to adjust camera color settings. Under the check field mode, you can use red, green, blue or mono pixels to generate the image, because hue and saturation can be adjusted more quickly and accurately in this environment.
Camera Mode Function
It will be full screen under camera mode.
Pixel to Pixel
Enable the filmmaker to check the image from the 1:1 signal source without scaling. This feature is essential for capturing optimum detail.
Squared Segmentation
Zoom one of the images to realize the full screen.

Center Marker & Safe Marker
Safe Mark for View Finding and Composition (80%, 85%, 90%, 93%, 96%,2.35:1)
Image Flip
The Horizontal, Vertical and Hor&Ver of the image around flip.
Display Spec.
 Model  FW-768/S/O/P (FW-768/O/P: W/O SDI)
 Screen Size  7" IPS
 Resolution  1024×600 pixels
 Aspect Ratio  16:9
 Brightness  600cd/m²
 Contrast Ratio  800:1
 Backlight  LED
 Viewing Angle  85°/85°(L/R) 85°/85°(U/D)
 Audio Out  Stereo Headphone, Speaker
SDI Support Format
1080p(60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/24sF/23.98/ 23.98sF)
HDMI Support Format
1080i (60/59.94/50)
720p (60/59.94/50/30/29/25/24/23.98)
1080p (60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/24sF/23.98/ 23.98sF)
 Input Voltage  DC7~24V
 Power Consumption  ≤10W
 Working Temperature  -20°C~60°C
 Storage Temperature  -30°C~70°C
 Unit Size  194L×148H×31.2D mm 
 Unit Weight  540g
Advanced Features
* Peaking Focus Assist(1. Red highlight over parts of the image in focus; 2. Red highlight over parts of the monochrome image in focus)
* Brightness Histogram
* Embedded Audio
* False Colors 
* Exposure (zebras)
* Check Field (Red,Green,Blue,Mono)
* Camera Mode
* Pixel to Pixel
* Nine Grid
* Center Marker 
* Screen Marker (80%,85%,90%,93%,96%,2.35:1)
* Image Flip (H, V, H/V) 
* Image Freeze 
* Zoom All
* U/D & L/R Zoom
* Custom Color Temperature


Standard Accessories:
1× Mini HDMI Cable
1× Sunshade
1× Hot Shoe Mount
1× F970 Battery Plate
1× Operation Manual